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2 Way Window Intercom KNDJ-1

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KNDJ-1 Window 2 way intercom

KNDJ-1 Window Intercom provides safe and germ free communications for operators communicating with the Public.

KNDJ-1 Window Intercom provides high quality high fidelity 2 way speech with adjustable volume controls and utilizes the latest chip technology.

The Window Intercomms microphones and speakers are matched using echo cancelling technology negating audible whistle or loop feedback.

Tough and durable construction with a long (37cm) flexible stainless steel gooseneck microphone and tough aluminum housing. The slave window speaker microphone is connected to the master via a 4 core shielded cable preventing interference.

220 volts transformer power supply provides 12 volts DC. An audio output jack socket provides for voice recording often used by banks and security.

Can also be used also be used as a Voice Evacuation System or Voice Announcement System by simply connecting to external powered loudspeakers.

Typical applications: Stations, Ticket Offices, Banks, Hospitals, Post Offices, Sales Kiosks, Public Information Booths, Stadiums, Swimming Pools, Prisons, Building Security, Police Stations, Fuel Stations, Taxis, Car Parks etc.

KNDJ-1 Voice Announcement Systems Window Kiosk Speaker Phones

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